Eleanor Hayward

Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott were lovers

Jeremy Corbyn faces questions over his failure to intervene in a damaging party dispute involving Diane Abbott after it emerged that the two are former lovers. Details of their past relationship were revealed yesterday after Mr Corbyn was criticised for failing to step in when his shadow international development secretary verbally attacked a female MP who questioned his commitment to sexual equality. Friends said that Mr Corbyn and Ms Abbott began their relationship in the late 1970s when the

Game’s old guard grimace after WAGs stage show of their own

A week before the first big home nations clash of the World Cup with Wales, there are worrying signs of tension in the England camp. The players may be in pitch-perfect solidarity but the WAGs are less so. There have been reports of friction between Camilla Kerslake, the classical singer and girlfriend of Chris Robshaw, the England Captain, and Chloe Madeley, a fitness instructor and the girlfriend of James Haskell, the England flanker. Ms Kerslake is said to have referred to Ms Madeley — the d

Hardliner makes Red Ken look soft

The man aiming to be the next chancellor of the exchequer believes that Britain’s financial centre amounts to “an invidious network of investors” conspiring to make wars to increase profits. John McDonnell, a revolutionary socialist, has demanded nationalisation of the banks with “democratic control” and spent years waging a lonely battle to stop the Corporation of London, which governs the City, from getting a private bill protecting its privileges through parliament. It should all make for a

Grieving Wavertree family hopes "medics learn from their mistakes"

The family of a young woman who died of sepsis have spoken of the importance of raising awareness of the killer infection ahead of the fifth anniversary of her death. Cerri Gore, 20, from Wavertree, tragically passed away on September 25, 2010, after a routine operation at the Royal Liverpool Hospital caused her to develop sepsis, a bacterial infection of the blood. The anniversary of Cerri’s death falls during the Sepsis Awareness Month of September, which is dedicated to increasing internati

Aintree Hospital asks patients to nominate staff for awards

The real side of the caring staff in our NHS is to be revealed in a glittering awards night ... and YOU get the chance to say who they should be. At a time when the NHS needs all the help it can get patients and their relatives are being urged to nominate staff at Aintree Hospital for work they should be proud of. People have been invited to share stories of exceptional care they have received at the hands of the NHS through nominating individuals and teams who deserve to be named as the ‘Prid

Refugee campaigners to hold rally in Liverpool city centre

Hundreds of people are set to attend a city centre rally to express their solidarity with refugees and raise awareness of the refugee crisis. The ‘Refugees Welcome’ event will begin at 12pm at the Bombed Out Church in Leece Street this Saturday, September 12. Alison Sendall, a member of the Protest Merseyside group which has organised the rally, explained the reasons behind the event: “After the awful scenes of the treatment of refugees, it is clear that there is a lot of support for their pli

Our biggest ever Election Survey: Cambridge students back Labour

A survey conducted by The Cambridge Student into the voting intentions of Cambridge University students has shown Labour to be the most popular party. However, other polls of Cambridge have suggested a Liberal Democrat hold. Of the 732 responses to the survey, 245 students (33.5%) said they would be voting for the Labour Party candidate Daniel Zeichner at the polls on 7 May. 161 students (22%) said they intend to vote for Julian Huppert, the incumbent Liberal Democrat MP, who was elected as MP

Cambridge women’s colleges and trans students: The case for clarification?

Cambridge occupies a relatively unique position as a university that continues to have women’s colleges. However, there remains some ambiguity over the status of transgender and non-binary students in relation to Cambridge’s three women’s colleges, Murray Edwards, Lucy Cavendish, and Newnham. The Cambridge Student recently sent Freedom of Information Requests to Newnham, Murray Edwards, and Lucy Cavendish, requesting clarification on their policy towards trans students, including students who

“Grossly unfair”: Chronic disparity in college rents

An investigation by The Cambridge Student comparing rent prices at Undergraduate colleges has revealed consistent and significant disparities in price and range across the University. While the University website advertises the typical college accommodation as ranging from £90 to £120 a week, in reality the price range within Cambridge is significantly wider, and it is clear that there are substantial differences in the amount of rent students can expect to pay depending on the college they att

“Lowest drop-out rate” figure challenged by new stats

An investigation by The Cambridge Student has revealed that the nationally comparable figures which Cambridge University use to claim that they have one of the "lowest drop-out rates" in the country do not include many students who intermit and then do not return. Significant variation in intermission across colleges was also revealed, with exceptionally high rates of intermission in colleges for mature undergraduates. The figures indicated that the official Higher Education Statistics Agency (

Sculpture AllTogetherNow 1914 Christmas Day truce at Liverpool Bombed Out Church

A sculpture commemorating the famous truce of Christmas Day 1914 was unveiled at Liverpool’s Bombed Out Church. The statue, named All Together Now, was designed by sculptor Andy Edwards and depicts a British and a German soldier greeting each other with a football by their side. It captures the remarkable moment in December 1914 when enemy soldiers along the Western Front laid down their weapons and emerged from their trenches to shake hands, sing carols, exchange rations, and even take part i

"Machiavellian" media, Sterling and Euro 2016: Roy Hodgson speaks at the Union

England manager Roy Hodgson appeared at the Cambridge Union on Wednesday evening, where he spoke to students about his life in football and his high hopes for England’s current generation. Addressing the chamber, Hodgson at times cut a self-deprecating figure as he gave a run-down of a managerial career that has spanned 38 years and eight different countries. Skipping over his playing days as “not worth mentioning”, the England boss talked of his early success as a manager in Sweden, success h